Fondazione ICA Milano
Fondazione ICA Milano
Fondazione ICA Milano – Istituto Contemporaneo per le Arti is a nonprofit private foundation dedicated to contemporary arts and culture, research and experimentation, in which different personalities from the art world converge, including artists, collectors, art professionals and passionates. Directed by Alberto Salvadori, ICA is the first Institute for Contemporary Arts originating outside the Anglo-Saxon world, situated in the ex-industrial area of Via Orobia in Milan. Their activities include a public offer where sharing and participation are the key words to understand their attitude. Exhibitions, art pub- lishing, ceramics, cinema, performance, music, literature, seminars, didactic workshops and much other, will constitute a path revolving around interdisciplinarity and transmediality. Expression of a precise Milanese identity, historically putting into relation private initiatives with the institutional dimension, ICA finds inspiration in the give-back culture, namely give back to share.A
Michael Anastassiades
Charles Atlas
Simone Fattal
Simone Forti
Ryan Gander
Hans Josephsohn
Fondazione ICA Milano
Via Orobia, 26, 20139, Milano, MI
Fondazione ICA Milano
Erika Verzutti. Notizia
8 April – 19 July 2024
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