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ArteFatti, il vero e il falso dellArte is a podcast dedicated to contemporary art, produced by Kidney Bingos.

The podcast, now on its second season, has 20 forty-minutes thematic episodes, aimed at revealing the truth about art while exposing its lies.

The format develops in a conversation between Costantino della Gherardesca and Francesco Bonami. Della Gherardesca, author, and television presenter, brings his point of view as a collector and lover of conceptual art; Bonami, on the other hand, is an international critic and well-known curator, whose experiences include curating the Venice Biennale in 2003.


From the relationship between art and sex, to the dualism between art and death or art and money, the episodes tackle crucial themes in the art world with a light, almost irreverent tone. Without making listeners miss any anecdotes, the artsy pair definetly provide its audience with food for thought.


The content of the podcast is brilliantly summarized in the opening incipit of all the episodes: Stories and reflections to fall in love with contemporary art and many behind-the-scenes anecdotes to learn to hate it!


The podcast can be found on all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcast.


We suggest all art lovers to check out the podcast's Instagram page: it’s a space full of ideas and artworks by contemporary art superstars, but also by sometimes forgotten shooting stars and promising emerging artists.





For information you can visit the website www.artefatti.me







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