Project Room: Emilio Gola – Come falene
12 April 2024
18:30 – 20:30
On show:
12 April – 1 June 2024
Press Release

Monica De Cardenas is pleased to announce the exhibition by young Italian artist Emilio Gola titled Come falene.


The project the artist has created for his debut exhibition with the gallery is presented in a square room. Each wall hosts a painting portraying young people laying around an imaginary bonfire in the center, that casts light and shadows onto the figures in the night.


These works expand Gola's research on the themes of relationships and conviviality. Young women and men are described through their physicality and gestures, their cloth and objects, their animals. Bodies and gazes are immersed in an accomplice and silent dialogue between friends who gather around a fire, an ancestral moment of peace and exchange that belongs to the history of humanity.


"Emilio Gola’s work always starts from a base of drawing live models in the studio," explains art critic Antonio Grulli: “Only after this phase of drawing force lines and creating the composition is the painting material applied. The bodies of his friends create temporary constellations that are constantly reformulating and searching for an equilibrium or gravitational center. Sometimes the figure is single, without this ever resulting in portraiture. The point of view is always anomalous, almost elevated, and his characters are often depicted upturned or upside down.

It is a youthful world that seems to originate straight out of an album by some Britpop group from few years ago, carrying a touch of nostalgia and something melancholic. The canvases are populated by a throve of objects – books (lots of them), candies, flowers, pencils, fortune cookies - that become fundamental pictorial material”.


Emilio Gola was born in Milan in 1994, where he lives and works. After graduating in Architecture, he studied at Brera Academy of Fine Arts where he obtained a second-level Academic Diploma in Painting.

Exhibitions: "Tre modi per dire la stessa cosa" at ArtNoble Gallery, Milan, group exhibition curated by Antonio Grulli (2022); "Or three ways of putting the same thing" at ArtNoble Gallery, London, group exhibition curated by Antonio Grulli (2023); "Salon Palermo" at Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, group exhibition curated by Antonio Grulli and Francesco De Grandi (2023); "Zitti zitti" at Annarumma Gallery, Naples, solo exhibition (2023).

He recently took part in the exhibition “Italian Painting Today” curated by Damiano Gulli at Triennale Milano in 2023.


The exhibition by Korean painter Chung Eun-Mo continues at the gallery until May 11th, 2024 with 20 works created from the early 1990s to the present.


Monica De Cardenas
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Via Francesco Viganò 4, 20124 , Milano
Monica De Cardenas
Chung Eun-Mo
13 March – 11 May 2024
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