(LA)HORDE in digital mourning
Novaciéries, 2015 (still da video) Un film di (LA)HORDE, con: Valentin Basset, Rodolphe Berger, Eve Coquart, Garance Coquart, Ylva Falk, Hugo Hermanvillier, Kevin Martinelli, Théo Michallet, Edgar Scassa, Loïc Vinciguerra, Nadir Zarougui © (LA)HORDE 2015
21 October 2021
Thu: 19:00 – 22:00
L’ingresso è gratuito con registrazione in loco presso l’Info Point a partire dalle ore 18.30. È possibile assistere anche a momenti diversi della performance in base alle disponibilità di capienza
Descrizione evento

Pirelli HangarBicocca presents the second event of the Public Program devoted to Neïl Beloufa’s exhibition: a performative project conceived by the French collective (LA)HORDE, at the direction of the Ballet national de Marseille, in dialogue with the artist. The exhibition “Digital Mourning” becomes the stage for a reflection on the relationship between idealisation and material (hyper)reality, constantly shifting between offline and online.
The three jumpers Magali Casters, Edgar Scassa aka Edx and Kevin Martinelli aka MrCovin will “inhabit” the exhibition space for three hours with jumpstyle movements, a dance style part of Hard dances such as hakken and shuffle, and born in the 2000s clubs in continuation of the Mainstream Hardcore Dutch movement.

Pirelli HangarBicocca
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