Career Manifesto.
A tribute by Italian graphic designers to the Masters of the Compasso d’Oro
Curated by: Luca Molinari
Braun 1961 Jekyll Hyde
Brionvega 1970 Alessio Filippo Manna
Centrokappa 1979 Filiberti Design
Driade 1981 Monica Fumagalli Iliprandi
Giorgetto - Giugiaro 1981 Francesco Ceccarelli Bunker
25 May 2021 – 1 June 2022
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10:30 – 20:00

The ADI Design Museum is delighted to present “Career Manifesto. A tribute by Italian graphic designers to the Masters of the Compasso d’Oro”, an exhibition curated by Luca Molinari with assistant curator and scientific coordinator Maria Antonietta Santangelo from the Luca Molinari Studio.


The “Career Manifesto” exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate a unique legacy which  has generated a universe of objects and symbols and through which today it is possible to tell the story of Italian genius in the fields of design, graphics and architecture. Businesses, institutions, authors and products are all represented by the 139 Compasso d’Oro Career Awards which this dedicated and wide-ranging narrative describes. The aim is to pay homage to the finest names in 20th Century Italian design and highlight their theoretical, visionary and social action.


The  display concept presents the world of Italian design from both a transversal and a democratic point of view. On the one hand, it is a tribute to the history of well-informed and cultured Italian professionalism and the noblest of design awards while on the other it is an opportunity to present a virtuous snapshot of the state of the art of contemporary Italian graphics. It is the result of a curatorial choice which has seen the participation of some of the finest authors and names from the ADI Design Index, together with a careful selection from the new generation. Each invited designer has developed, interpreted and translated a Compasso d’Oro Career award while enjoying complete freedom of expression, thereby  giving rise to a multifaceted and heterogeneous result consisting of drawings, illustrations, collages and typographical posters in which contents and narrative strands are either transcribed in a manner faithful to the vision of the relevant Compasso Award or reinterpreted and subverted with subtle irony.


The collective celebration of these exceptional talents has been further enhanced by the installation designed by the architect Massimo Curzi for the ADI Design Museum, who through a reinterpretation of the tradition of Renaissance libraries, has designed a space which is both monumental and at the same time domestic. With this exhibition, ADI confirms its institutional and community role as the active memory for the heritage and knowledge of Italian Industrial Design while safeguarding it and becoming a meeting place open to dialogue between contemporaneity and past masters. The intention was to create a participatory experience between the institution and the many communities that come into contact with it, allowing each visitor to take their most appreciated manifesto away with them in order to bring the soul and beauty of Italian Design into all our homes.

Luca Molinari

ADI Design Museum
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