Gió Marconi
Matthew Brannon
Paper Moon
Silkscreen with hand painted elements on paper
142 × 125.5 × 5 cm

Matthew Brannon is both an artist and writer but is probably best known for his expansive approach to printmaking. He primarily works in silk screen and letterpress, both of which invite the playful juxtapostition of image and text. Literary sensibility, wit, the playful use of language as well as the fascination with psychoanalysis have long been key elements of Brannon’s oeuvre. From sculpture and painting to installation and video – the artist treats each medium with the uttermost precision and with an extraordinary sense of detail.

Ever since the world has come to a halt at the beginning of 2020 and worldwide lockdowns have kept people at home, the idea of traveling freely has become almost an obsession. With his unique style, reminiscent of lifestyle magazines and advertisings from the mid-twentieth century, Brannon captures this particular current moment full of wanderlust, longing and nostalgia and translates it into densely coloured and detail-rich images of airplane interiors.