Gió Marconi
Allison Katz
Stay in Touch
Oil and sand on canvas
90 × 180 cm

In Allison Katz’s paintings, certain recurring images -monkeys, mouths, cabbages, cocks- as well as stylistic tics –fine layers of sand or scattered grains of rice- continue to reappear across time. These reemerging motifs seem to establish a familiarity with the work that completely disguises the fact that the paintings remain utterly cryptic, ambiguous and not at all easy to decipher.

In Stay in Touch, two egg-shaped circles are painted into an otherwise jet black sand-layered background. The peepholes turn the viewer into a voyeur who catches a glimpse of an orgy: interlocked bodies, nude colored limbs, the detail of a sensuous red-brown pouffe and a white cloth. In a period of physical separation, the painting emphasizes the idea of intimacy without touching. Noli me tangere is the mission statement for this year.