Gió Marconi
Franz Ackermann
Oil on canvas
220 × 180 × 4 cm

Franz Ackermann’s works have always reflected upon the socio-cultural changes in an age of an ever more accelerating information technology, an increasing globalization and the resultant cultural homogenization. Ackermann is a globetrotter. His work stems from little diary-like drawings which he sketches during his numerous travels. These small drawings are very subjective interpretations of spaces and places and on a small, distilled scale, already contain all the information that he then translates into his large collages and canvases. Facing…D… is the alternative draft to staying at home. With its energetic, vibrant and colorful divided up cityscape, Ackermann directs our gaze outside of the window and into an urban cosmos: sections of multicolored buildings, skyscrapers, chimneys, cables, warm lights and trees seem to be growing out of the ground earth and to be depicting life’s force.